Benefit Resources, Inc. is a retirement plan administration company located in Sacramento, California. We are committed to offering retirement plan assistance to any who may need it. We are passionate about helping companies offer the best retirement plan they can to their employees. To request a quote please fill out the form below.   
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"Happy, positive, and knowledgeable people at Benefit Resources made this complex program pleasurable and understandable." 

- David T.

How It Works

The price ranges below reflect the fact that our fees vary based on the number of participants in your plan, and the design complexity.  First look for the plan type you are interested in, and then look to the estimated number of participants in the plan to find the range you would fall in. We would be happy to prepare you a customized quote. 


*Actuarial costs must be added to administration fees 
Actuarial services are outsourced to a third party 


 Pricing Table  1-9 Participants 10-25 Participants 50-100 Participants
401k, 403b, ESOP $1,000 - $2,900 $2,250 - $4,850 $4,250 - $6,500
Cash Balance Combo $2,800 - $4,830* $4,200 - $7,550* $7,800 - $11,650*