Retirement Plan Administration. 

We Anticipate Your Needs. Benefit Resources Inc. administers every type of qualified retirement plan for best service and optimal results.

We're more than 401(k) plan administrators—our clients range from solo cash balance combo plans to non-profits with hundreds of participants in 403(b)s.

You are the top priority. Benefit Resources means retirement plan administration with fast response times and the highest standards.

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Effective Communication

Your personal administrator is your single point of contact who will understand every aspect of your plan down to the participant level. Frequent communication allows us to identify changes in your circumstances that signal it might be time to alter your retirement plan.

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Quality of Work

We regularly review your plan to make sure everything is operating as it should. Our thorough process behind the scenes ensures the compliance of your plan; our detailed reporting is essentially an insurance policy for the rare circumstance of an IRS audit.

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When you reach out to BRI, you’re not dialing in to a call center—you’re connecting directly with your personal administrator for all your questions. We pride ourselves on extremely fast response times for all your inquiries.

401(k) plan administrators often spend their time selling plans. Our administrators are here working on them.

We love what we do - that means you get great service.

As third party retirement plan administrators, we are dedicated to you and your plan. Our administrators work with you to handle every element of your plan throughout the year instead of passing your account from department to department. Our administrators don’t decide whether they’re going to spend their day chasing commissions or sit down and actually service their clients. We make sure your company’s retirement plan gets the attention it deserves:

  • Our administrators are dedicated to this industry and continue their education, holding advanced certifications.
  • Reduced caseloads mean our administrators can take the time to make sure the work is done right.
  • We assist in the instance of an IRS audit, so your interactions with their agents is limited or, in some cases, eliminated altogether.
We keep track of the details

We even go through your plan at the participant level to ensure your employees receive all the benefits they are entitled—and only those benefits. Too often, contributions are made to the wrong account—we identify and correct those mistakes when other 401(k) third party administrators choose not to spend the time. We make sure all the bases are covered, including helping to make sure you meet ERISA §412 bonding requirements.

Plan Administration Services

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  • Highly compensated and key employee determination
  • Eligibility determination
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  • Applicable compliance testing
  • Contribution calculation assistance and determination
  • Reconciliation of trust account activity with client data
  • Safe harbor auto-enroll notices
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Filing & Reporting

  • Regular payroll remittance (limitations may exist)
  • Financial statement preparation on accrual-basis
  • Comprehensive administrative reporting
  • Government filing preparation - Form 5500 and related schedules
  • Summary Annual Reports