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You need a TPA committed to helping you grow your 401(k) business and save you time. Bundled providers seem cheap and simple but their limited skill and service can be expensive. If you’re looking to save a difficult plan, let us show you how easy it can be to turn it around. If this is your first attempt at working with a retirement plan, we’re glad you’re here and we want you to succeed.

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Whether you have an individual wealth client interested in the options for their business or an existing plan that would benefit from better service, a single phone call gets you a broad spectrum of free analysis. From anticipated contributions to strategic design, we do more to determine how to get a plan to work or whether it’s worth the fees to keep around.

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Your search for a TPA who cares as much about your client’s business as you do is over. We serve as a liaison between you and your client to allow the retirement plan to serve as the tool for which is was designed. Do you have a client with a plan that’s working but you’re still staring at too much liability? Ask us how cash balance plans are changing the landscape of retirement.

There’s nothing worse than paying more in taxes than is absolutely necessary, am I right?

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Credentials matter

You spent a lot of time and money to get where you are today, so the last thing you need is to bone up on ERISA compliance because your client doesn’t trust the bank or payroll company attached to the plan. Our primary concern is to provide quality advice to our clients about plan design, compliance, and administration. This way, you only get calls related to the services you’re paid to provide instead of covering for someone else’s shortfalls.

“Benefit Resources has been a huge help in explaining 401(k) plan and contribution details. The company is very quick to respond to any questions or concerns we might have. We are very glad to have them as a resource!”
Rick Poipao, President, RCP Construction
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Retirement plans have gotten complicated

It has long been the case that retirement plan compliance is seen as academic — just set it and forget it, anyone can do it. Nowadays, this is not only risky and robs the plan of obvious opportunity, it’s boring. We are passionate about our role because we see it as a form of art. Our administrators enjoy their ongoing education and find deep interest in figuring out how regulatory changes can be used to improve the performance of their clients’ plans. We make the right recommendations, we make our clients happy, we make our friends look good.

“Benefit Resources, Inc. is my go-to strategic partner for retirement plan administration. They make ongoing plan administration easy for both the advisor and plan sponsor with their excellent service. Also, the BRI team does a great job of explaining pension plan options in a way that is easy to understand for anyone that is new to the pension plan world.”
Matt Page, Partner, Lucas Group Financial Planners, Inc.
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