Certified Public Accountants

Our job is to make the retirement plan work its best.

A good retirement TPA makes sense.


The Tax Game

Proper accounting is an art form since there are many options to consider in pursuit of a goal. The retirement plan can be a very useful part of your strategy and we’re here to help:

  • Partner with you to add value to your client
  • Illustrate maximum and minimum funding
  • Regular communication
  • Accrual-basis accounting and thorough trust reconciliation


Know the Rules

CPAs understand better than most that you have to know the rules to play the game. A good 401k administrator uses the regulations to recognize opportunity:

  • Review a client’s existing 401k plan for effectiveness
  • Make the plan work for the company
  • If a plan doesn’t fit, make it free for the sponsor


Plan Audits

Auditing 401k plans requires a lot of skill and defined procedure. If you can’t depend on the TPA to produce good work, your job is much tougher. We’re the retirement TPA who:

  • Can answer specific questions about our results
  • Is regularly referred business by 401k plan auditors
  • Provides comprehensive reporting, often to your specification

Tax reform has put some businesses in a tough spot.

The same old tricks to reduce taxable income to your clients may require some novel review. If pass-through income is too high nowadays, perhaps a qualified retirement vehicle has now become a more attractive tool for you. If you have questions about feasibility, we’re happy to give you the assist.

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Retirement plans can quickly morph from simple to complicated.

Owner-only 401(k) plans or SEPs are great! No filing, barely any testing, maximized contributions. What’s that you say? You have an employee now? Uh-oh. Should you recommend the plan dissolve? One quick call or email to our office may give you the answer you need. Don’t panic- get informed! We make it look easy so you look good.