Pension Administration - We're in the top 5!

We moved up to fifth position on the Sacramento Business Journal’s list of Pension Administration companies in the four-county area. (See the article here) I was very pleasantly surprised to see that this list was published last week.  When looking at the information on the list, I found some interesting things revealed about the pension administration companies in the area.

  1. Plans per employee:  The number of plans per employee on the list ranges from 1 plan to 82 plans.  Benefit Resources has only 32 plans per employee – among the lowest on the list.  What does this mean to our clients?  Our employees provide pension administration services for a smaller caseload than most of our competitors. That means when you call, your administrator knows your name and your plan!
  2. Types of plans administered:  There are seven types of plans on the list.  Only three companies, including Benefit Resources provide pension administration services for six of the seven types of plans.  What does this mean to our clients?  Our employees are well versed in a variety of plan design options.
  3. Web presence:  Three of the top eight companies do not have a website.  What does that mean to our clients?  We have state-of-the art communications and resources available to communicate with our pension administration clients and to keep their confidential information secure.

These lists do not reveal everything that there is to know about pension administration firms.  I have confidence in the talents of most of the companies on the local list.  We are in good company!  To learn more about what differentiates Benefit Resources from our competitors, click here and explore for yourself.