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Sales are critical to any organization.  You have to have a top line before you can have a bottom line! 

In the early years of Benefit Resources I spent the majority of my time in sales.  A hand-held tape recorder and 3-by-5 cards were my sales tools.  My opening line on cold calls was, “We provide pension administration services to businesses like yours.  I have no idea if you might be interested in our service, but I’d love the opportunity to stop by and shake your hand.”online 401k, online 401k company, Pension Administration Sales

Sales are still an important part of my daily life.  A web-based CRM has taken the place of my 3-by-5 cards.  Our prospects are more likely to come from a web search or referral than from my old tape recorder.  But some things haven’t changed from the early days of BRI – People are looking for someone that they can trust and depend on when looking for a pension administration company.  More than ever people are looking to do as much of their business online as possible. We are the premier online 401k company - we can help you wherever you are. Everything is available online, from the proposal, to documents, loan paperwork, you name it. It's available online.

Business owners who understand that pension administration is a complex field look for a company that can help them navigate through those complexities.  Those business owners:

  • Understand the importance of having an administrator who has passed industry certification exams working on their plan. 
  • Want their administrator to double check that all Plan provisions were followed, and that all deposits posted correctly to participant accounts. 
  • Need to be comfortable that their Plan is having all necessary compliance testing performed as needed without having to ask. 
  • Ask to be reminded about important deadlines, and to have the opportunity to review the work well in advance of those deadlines.
  • Want it all online - the online 401k.Request a Proposal Today! See what a customized plan can do for you!
  • And most of all, they want to know that if they have a question that they will have their phone call or email answered promptly and accurately.

I am proud that BRI takes the time to educate and train our people not just in pension rules, but also in customer service principles.  I am happy to point out these features when a business owner asks me, “What makes Benefit Resources different than other pension administration companies?”

Our people work hard, but they aren’t over-burdened with work.  Each administrator has about 50 Plans in their case load.  So they get to know their clients and their Plans very well, and understand the nuances of each Plan. All work is reviewed by our administration supervisor before it is delivered. 

Every client is important, but not every client is treated the same way.  That is because we offer our clients options!  Do they prefer to be contacted by email or phone call?  Do they prefer to have their reports uploaded to our secure website, put on a CD-ROM, or have paper copies mailed?  Clients don’t have to fit into our model, we fit into theirs.New Call-to-Action

There are a lot of pension administration companies from which to choose.  At BRI we stand shoulder-to-shoulder with our clients to make sure that their Plans are being operated correctly.  Business owners choose BRI because we do what needs to be done, when it needs to be done, and it’s delivered the way they want it.  Sales are easier to come by when you treat your clients right! Get everything you need to start a 401k for your company with us, no matter what part of the states you are in. You can get started today with us, set up your online 401k.


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