Online 401k Help - Part 3

As I sat at Leatherby’s celebrating my son’s eighth grade graduation, I watched him over-indulge in a Big Daddy Dave’s Sundae.  His goal was for he and his brother (who recently graduated from 5th grade) to eat the entire sundae.  If accomplished, the reward was the placement of their picture permanently displayed on the restaurant wall ~ bona fide members of Big Daddy Dave’s Wall of Fame! A tribute to the over-indulgers, only a mother could be so proud.401k help, 401k advice, savings sundae

I kept telling my boys not to finish the sundae; that it is never a good idea to over-indulge in anything.  To my dismay, their dad offered constant encouragement and strategically sound advice. 

Growing up, I always heard the advice “everything in moderation.”  Then it hit me, there is a time to over-indulge, (my incessant need to relate every life’s moment to 401(k) advice giving) 401(k) advice to them ~ over-indulge in saving for retirement. Participate in your 401(k) as soon as you are eligible and save at least 15% of your income.  The earlier you start saving, the earlier you may be able to retire.

If you are looking for online 401k help, you are in the right place. We can help you set up a plan for you and your employees and then mainain the plan for you. Enjoy the sundae themed tips below and then set up a consultation to get your 401k set up.

  1.  401k help tip - over-indulge in saving for retirement.  Retirement is the like the placement of your photo on Big Daddy Dave’s wall of fame.  If you want to achieve that goal you need to over-indulge in saving to get there.

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  2. 401k help tip - although it may be difficult to save at times, a very similar feeling to the stomach ache you felt while eating that Big Daddy Dave’s Sundae (1 foot high by 1 foot wide heaping glob of ice cream), but keep your eye on the prize.  You’ll be so proud when you reach your goal.
  3. 401k help tip - seek 401(k) advice from professionals throughout your career.  The more 401(k) advice you seek the better decision-maker you will become.  Like dad’s advice which encouraged you to change flavors every so often when eating the sundae, and to not drink too much water.  Listen to the experts, and seek as much 401(k) advice as possible.New Call-to-Action
  4. 401k help tip - there are times for moderation in a saving for retirement.  Don’t over-indulge in one asset class or specific investment vehicle.  Stay diversified.  Just like the sundae offered vanilla, chocolate and strawberry ice cream along with a mound of whipped cream, nuts and a cherry on made the consumption a little easier, as the variety of the ice cream changed (similar to market volatility) it kept you headed in the right direction (balanced and on track to retire)!

Save away to your heart’s content!


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