Online 401k Help - Part 2

Whether you are a 401(k) plan sponsor or are a 401(k) plan participant, at some point in time you will find yourself seeking online 401k 401k, online 401k help, 401k help

As a plan sponsor, you may request 401(k) advice from several parties, including a third party administrator (TPA), an investment advisor, or a certified public accountant (CPA).  When seeking 401(k) advice as a plan sponsor, be certain to ask specific questions regarding the services available and fees associated with the services you receive. Think about what services you need, and follow a simple rule of thumb - THREE-FREE!  Request 401(k) advice from at least three independent parties and seek the 401(k) advice from parties who offer free (one-time), no-obligation estimates for services.

If the 401k help is free, is it really worth it? 

When a TPA, investment advisor or CPA provides 401(k) advice, are you aware of what benefit, if any, that party will receive from providing you the 401(k) advice?

For example, a TPA will be able to review participant census data and recommend the most beneficial plan design along with an estimate of annual out of pocket expenses.  Once you examine the benefits of the 401(k) advice (cost versus savings analysis), ask yourself, “Are you saving more than you are spending?”  If the answer is yes, then examine the analysis more closely, and shop for more 401(k) advice.  Why not obtain at least three quotes for services. 

The TPA you choose will benefit only if you decide to retain their services.  A reputable TPA will analyze your plan’s needs versus the benefits and New Call-to-Actioncosts associated with meeting those needs, free of charges.  The free consultation is offered in the hope that the TPA will receive your on-going business. 

At Benefit Resources, Inc. (BRI), we offer a free one-hour plan design consultation.  Before the consultation we will ask for participant census data.  Based on the data provided in conjunction with the plan sponsor’s targeted goals, BRI will provide you 401(k) advice consisting of optimum plan design recommendations, which will maximize plan benefits and minimize cost. 

What type of 401(k) advice can a CPA offer?

A CPA may offer 401(k) advice based upon the tax benefit received by optimizing available tax deductions and credits, to minimize your tax liability.  The more you can deduct and save tax free, the better your personal financial results.  The biggest question when seeking 401(k) advice from a CPA is typically, “Would you rather pay Uncle Sam (in the form of taxes), or reduce your tax liability by paying benefits your employees and yourself?”  Your CPA may refer you to seek 401(k) advice from several local financial advisors and TPAs.  Again, follow the THREE-FREE rule by seeking 401(k) advice from at least three independent parties.

If you currently sponsor a plan, your CPA will ask your TPA to calculate the maximum deductible contribution allowed to the plan for your fiscal year.  Based on the data provided from your TPA, the CPA will advise you of the contribution amount most beneficial to you from a tax liability reduction standpoint.  Once you know the magic contribution number, you have to consider funding the contribution.  At this point in time, you may seek 401(k) advice from a financial advisor, in order to best understand ho w the contribution should be invested.Request a Proposal Today! See what a customized plan can do for you!

Seeking online 401(k) help from any third-party takes time and an analytical perspective.  Once you have followed the three-free rule, you may continue to seek more 401(k) advice, or you may feel you are armed with enough information to move forward in making decisions regarding your existing or new retirement plan. Request a free consultation today.


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