You need a TPA committed to helping you grow your business, save you time, maximize profitability, and keep your clients happy – That’s Benefit Resources Inc.

We're the online 401k company. We have clients from all over the US, we have the reach of a National Provider, with the service of a local family run business, because that's what we are! From the proposal stage, to plan termination, we offer it all online. We utilize screen-sharing, email, and a protected file-sharing site, so all the information is secure, but readily available.

We are the Online 401k Company.



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Benefit Resources helps to guide and direct you to the retirement plan that is right for you or your client. Request illustrations by clicking below 

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Benefit resources provides you videos and other resources that help you self educate on retirement services. Learn more by clicking below:

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Grow Your Retirement Plan Business 

We’re your advocate and pension design expert. Helping you close plans and capture rollovers by: 

  • Building trust and credibility with the prospects you are working. 
  • Building your value proposition to present to prospects. 
  • Asking plan sponsors the right questions to get their attention early on. 
  • Reviewing 5500s & plan documents to give you talking points to help close business.

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Online 401k Company, online 401k
online 401k

Maximize Profitability and Contributions 

Minimize the amount of time you spend servicing clients and maximize the contributions going into the plan each year!

  • We perform a comprehensive review of each plan document and census to determine best plan design to max HCE’s and owners. 
  • We consider Key employee issues – we’ll modify the current plan or add a second.
  • Our innovative design features increase participation and maximize deferral percentages.

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We Save You Time

 Service issues keep you from developing new business

  • Direct all of your technical plan questions to us and they will be handled promptly
  • We take calls directly from the plan sponsor and participants 
  • We’re proactive - we catch issues before they become problems.
  • We fill out all the paperwork
  • We’re your advocate - from scheduling the appointment to closing the business.
  • We take care of the technical issues so you can focus on what you do best, investments and education

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the online 401k company, online 401k, online 401k company
online 401k, the online 401k, online 401k company

We Keep Your Clients Happy

The happier we can make your clients, the more likely you are to get other investment business from them. Here’s how we do this:

  • Accessibility. Each client has a dedicated certified administrator.  A single point of contact…not a 1-800 call center. Timely returned phone calls and turnaround standards
  • Working proactively and addressing any issues or challenges before they come up
  • We work with plan sponsors to ensure their internal processes are effective and efficient. 
  • Client surveys every year. We hear directly from clients how where we are doing well and where we can improve. 

And, we are the online 401k company. We have clients all over the nation, but are family owned. You get the security of a national provider, with the service of a local small business.