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Employee Assistance

Employees come to you all day long asking questions about benefits.  We understand that you get pulled in dozens of different directions every day, so we do our best to help you perform your job:

  • Enrollment.  Benefit Resources will provide you with a customized Participant Packet for your retirement plan that provides your newly eligible employees with information about the plan in one electronic file.  The Packet will include the Summary Plan Description (SPD), plan Notices, beneficiary forms, and instructions for how to get their account set up at the investment custodian.
  • Participant calls.  We welcome participant calls to our office.  Whether the employee has questions about contribution limits, or distribution options, we are here to support you by taking those calls.
  • Required Minimum Distributions.  We will let you know early in the year when one of your employees will be required to take a minimum distribution from the plan.  We want to avoid the end of year frenzy that can sometimes occur.

Data Simplification 

Employee census data that is complete and accurate is a critical component of performing proper compliance testing for retirement plans.  At Benefit Resources we can work with data that you provide to us – you do not have to fill out our templates if you have the same information in a different format.  We will ask a few questions about ownership of the company, and family members who work at the firm.  Once we have received that employee data, we do the rest.  We are responsible for determining:

  • Highly Compensated Employees
  • Key Employees
  • Contribution limits
  • Minimum coverage testing
  • Top heavy testing
We will simplify your role in administering the retirement plan.  We handle the complexities of the ever-changing retirement rules and free you up to focus on your other responsibilities.


You are on the front lines of your retirement plan with your employees.  Benefit Resources is standing right there with you to support you in any way that we can.  We are just a phone call or email away.  You are important to us, so BRI team members will know you by plan name, not by account number.  Our services include:

  • Compliance calendar.  We provide you with a customized calendar, so you can document important deadlines and events
  • Notices.  In addition to the SPD, we will prepare any and all notices that may be required for your plan including:
    • Safe Harbor notice
    • Automatic Enrollment
    • Qualified Default Investment Arrangement
    • Blackout notices for plan asset transfers
    • Amendment notifications (Summary of Material Modifications)
"Happy, positive, and knowledgeable people at Benefit Resources made this complex program pleasurable and understandable." 
- Benefit Resources Customer