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Are you looking for back-office support?  Are administrative functions getting the better of you?  Are you interested in retirement plan design for prevailing wage contractors? VistaCore® is our single-source bundled solution for clients.

VistaCore Payroll

Payroll services start it off. All benefits programs are designed around employees and/or payroll. VistaCore payroll offers:

  • Seamless transition no matter what time of year you convert
  • Intuit system that allows a detailed feed directly to your QuickBooks
  • We print or you print checks, or we process automatic deposits for your employees
  • Tax deposits and filings are processed
  • All funds go directly from your account to the payee – we do not hold any of your payroll funds at any time
  • 401(k) contributions are remitted automatically to your provider

Human Resources

Human resources is there to answer questions about personnel, exempt/non-exempt status, conflict management and any other type of issue that comes when employees are involved. The VistaCore HR team offers:

  • Unlimited phone and email support
  • California wage and hour compliance
  • Access to a full HR library of sample forms and letters


Retirement is the staple benefit that companies provide to allow their employees to save for their future. It is a tool that helps companies recruit, reward, retain and retire their employees.

  • VistaCore payroll remits contributions directly to your plan so deposits are always on time
  • The employee census data is already in our system, so no lengthy year-end reports need to be provided
  • VistaCore makes retirement easy

The VistaCore® platform works for any type of business. The integration and complete benefits suite tied together with payroll services makes it a very convenient fit.

Prevailing Wage Payroll Services

Prevailing Wage payroll services are the unique specialty of VistaCore.

  • Cloud-based time tracking system
  • Fringe benefits for each hour worked in each specific trade
  • Certified payroll report to submit to the general contractor each week

Hour Banking

Hour banking to smooth out the benefits dollars throughout the year is also provided through the VistaCore trust.

  • We bank surplus benefits earned when lots of hours are being worked, so that they can be used during months when there are not a lot of hours being worked.
  • Avoid the hire/termination/rehire cycle, and COBRA administration, and allows the employee and his or her family to be covered all year long.
  • Monthly statements to the contractor
  • Quarterly statements to the employee

VistaCore® is designed to be part of your back-office support team. We bring efficiencies to the table by coordinating payroll services and other employee benefits to save time and cost. Find out more about what VistaCore can do for you. The transition is easy, so let us start helping you today. Click here to request a free cost quote today.